About Harvest Bird

Harvest Bird was the blog and online alias of Megan Clayton, a writer and university teacher who lives in Sockburn, New Zealand. She converted her posts to an archive in December 2012 and now writes at 456.harvestbird.com.

The name Harvest Bird is the title of a chapter in Dragon Rampant, a 1939 travelogue by Robin Hyde.

Let us be tired, let us forget to pretend that we have voices or thoughts, and sink into our own speech, the slow rustling murmur of many laden heads, meeting the keener voice of the scythes. Can’t you hear the harvest bird calling, early this year? He never forgets to come to China. Some of our people say he sings: ‘Work now, work now,’ but others say it is ‘Worship now.’ I will be wise for once, I will tell you what you are going to say. You are going to say ‘There is no difference, Ground is written on one side and Sky on the other.’